Original God-given power and knowledge.
—  The love of God in making love.

Barry Long (1926-2003) was a spiritual master who showed men and women how to live together in truth and love.

His best-known work is Making Love: Sexual Love The Divine Way,  first written and recorded on cassette and later published as a book and on CD.

This article includes statements Barry Long made about the tantric aspect of his teachings. They were previously published 2000-08 on a dedicated website (www.originaltantra.com / www.originaltantra.de).

I’ve been speaking at public meetings and seminars for more than twenty years. I speak of life, truth, love, death and God. I address every aspect of the human condition.

I am original. The truth is always original, always fresh and new.

I am a tantric master. I know and live the divine mystery of love between man and woman. I speak of it.  I go into detail about lovemaking, honesty in relationships, what love is and how to bring it back when it’s been lost.

I introduced this knowledge of love to the western world. It is a new teaching for the individual, bringing new honesty and clarity about love and sex – love and sex having become hopelessly polluted and responsible for massive unhappiness on this planet.

What is a Tantric Master?

A tantric master is someone who continuously brings into the world original knowledge of the mystery of divine love between man and woman. He has also by grace been given the divine power to bring woman to a greater realisation of the love of God, or the eternal, by physically making love to her; and eventually she transforms man. However, the woman must be willing and ready to start dying to her old selfish notions and expectations of love; and so must the man, in order to be transformed.

God in Existence

In my teaching there is God, or truth, out of existence; and God, or love, in existence.

Anyone who is truly God-realised has realised the extraordinary state of being which is outside the existence of all form and appearance. This realisation is the most important of all possible realisations for it is the realisation of the truth behind the universe and all existence. I call this the transcendental realisation and in my own case it occurred over three remarkable weeks in December 1968 in London.

Every aspect of my teaching is the endeavour to impart the rudiments of self-denial and the love of honesty and truth which are essential preparations if this mighty realisation is to occur. All the teaching of every master and teacher, and indeed all of life, is towards this end, whether it is known or not known.

The motivation of anyone who has realised the transcendental is to help others do the same; or, according to the teacher's inspiration, to work in some way to help eliminate the ignorance and misery of those who can listen. In my own case I observed that most misery and unhappiness on earth is caused by man and woman having forgotten how to love one another.
The forgetfulness or avoidance of true love is the greatest tragedy that anyone can observe in the lives of children, adults and in our decaying society. The love of man and woman, in its reality, I realised, is God in existence. This seems to be an even rarer realisation than that of the transcendental truth out of existence . . .

The primary spiritual practice is self-denial, giving and honesty – practised over a long period out of an inner perception of rightness and goodness. No one can make love rightly without this essential and ceaseless practice, just as no one can realise the Most High without the same one-pointed way of life. People may think they are making divine love, but without this dire self-abnegation they are kidding themselves.

Be Original

I wrote and recorded my Making Love Tapes in 1984 and they have been
widely circulated ever since. They have had a profound impact on people all
around the world. The tapes were copied and transcribed over and over with so little consciousness that the name of the author was frequently deleted. This meant that genuine people often were unable to get in touch with me and
come to the source of the knowledge.

The tapes were also used, copied and distributed at the Osho Rajneesh ashram in India, although I haven’t been able to work out why the people there needed my tapes when they already had their own master. Some were moved by the tapes, came to my teaching and stayed.

Because of the extraordinary response of people, many have wanted to promote the teaching, not by using it in their own personal lives, but bypassing it on to others, professionally. It frequently comes to my attention that people in many countries are quoting from me, using my name as some sort of credential, copying and distributing my tapes, quoting extracts without permission, setting themselves up as tantric teachers, sex therapists and so on.

Most of these people have evidently not heard very much of my teaching
at all, and don’t realise the vast scope of it and how love and making love
is only a part of the divine life on earth. I have over 70 tapes available,
more than a dozen books and many videos, not just about sexual love,
but describing the immense reality of everything that finally can lead to the
realisation of God, the eternal, outside existence.

AlI I can do is alert the people to what a real tantric teacher says. I have written an Open Letter to those who try to use my teaching to teach others. And I advise anyone who is seeking original knowledge to read it . . .

An Open Letter

To those who try to use my teaching to teach others:

Tantra can only be taught by the tantric master. It is original God-given power and knowledge. That knowledge has to be realised and made real in life, usually over many years through devastating love of God and woman. The right or responsibility to teach the knowledge is earned and implied in the realisation.

A tantric master is first of all God-realised and inspired by that enormous knowledge. But all God-realised masters are not tantric masters. That's how rare genuine tantra is.

My tantric teachings are for the individual, for you personally. If you've been helped by them in your own life they have fulfilled their purpose. You can go on using them to reach a deeper and more real place within your being. But if you use my tantric teachings in an attempt to teach others you misuse them and mislead the people.

When you teach something that you have not realised yourself and you build on someone else's original knowledge, you only give the people a rehash of the truth plus the information of your unenlightened experience. You might say this is better than nothing. But is it? Do you think the people are less intelligent or spiritual than you? Why not simply refer your students to the source that you yourself discovered? And then get on with your own teaching without using me as a crutch? When my teaching is quoted, embellished or interpreted by another it loses its spiritual power to transform enduringly.

Spiritually your students are seeking original knowledge. By basing your teaching on another authority you unwittingly confuse them. This makes you perversely indispensible; you are then needed to answer the students’ questions which arise from the confusion you have created in them!

It is a common practice for unoriginal teachers to combine my teaching with the teachings of other teachers and so present another confusing mishmash to the people, delaying their realisation even further. A frequent example is when followers of the master Osho mix his teaching on love and sex with mine, when the two teachings are utterly different. If Osho or any other teacher is your master, then you don’t need me. A master’s teaching should be complete in itself, as mine is.

Then there is the frequent example of quoting my tantric words at such length that a blatant breach of copyright occurs. Truth cannot be copyrighted. But truth is original. If you have to quote someone else's originality then it is not your truth. And you can be in breach of the world’s copyright laws, and face the consequences thereof, as an ironic price for your unoriginality.

No one is authorised to run groups or teach in my name. No one speaks for me, not even in my organisation. I have no followers or disciples, no therapists or evangelical priests to misrepresent my message to the people.

My teaching is always original, so it is always new, and I continue to impart the mystery of my God-given tantric knowledge to any man or woman who can hear me.

Be Original: Go to the Source


The essential Barry Long teaching about love and sex.

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A Lesson in Love
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The Problem of Sex
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Conscious Love
The divine element of love. The transcendent mystery of sex.

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